Land Rover has divulged its all-new luxury Range Rover

The automobile is priced at £94,400 a rise of £16,000 juxtaposed to the outgoing models. The front runner SUV is set to comprise of two plug-in hybrid powertrains while an entirely electric model is set to release in 2024. Fueling the projection that 20% of cars sold will be electric by 2025 and 40% by 2030. Range has manufactured a beast of an engine in their 2022 car. The plug-in hybrid offers two versions, P440e and P510e, packing a bigger engine for more performance and more advanced electrification technologies for long range. Utilising a six-cylinder petrol engine and electric motor with a 38.2kWh battery. While a zero-emissions Range Rover is still a few years away, the 5th iteration of the luxury SUV is expected to offer a real-world zero-emission driving range of 50 miles and emit less than 30g/km of CO2. Two petrol engines are available: the six-cylinder mild hybrid P400 and the twin-turbo V8 P530. There are also two mild hybrid diesels, known as D300 and D350.

The new Range has superior performance. A 3.0-liter Ingenium straight-six gasoline engine that works with a 105 kW electric motor. The Range Rover P440e gets 440 PS of system power and 620 Nm of system torque. The Range Rover P510e has a higher turning of 510 PS and 700 Nm. Both variants have an 8-speed automatic gearbox and an all-wheel drive system as standard. The plug-in hybrid variants have the capability to achieve top speeds of 87 mph on electric mode. In the P510e a 0-60mph sprint takes a mere 5.3 seconds (0-62 mph in 5.6 seconds). However unfortunately the Land Rover has been confirmed for the U.S. market exclusively. The towing capacity of the Range Rover P510e is the same as that of the outgoing model’s P400e variant, being 2,500 kg.

The new Rover PHEV has excellent range with a lithium-ion battery mounted under the cabin floor, within the wheelbase. Battery casing has been engineered using Boron steel to ensure safety in treacherous 4×4 conditions. This brilliant addition means the car will have an overall higher performance than if replaced with a standard lead-acid battery. Further advantages include no maintenance, fast opportune charging, longer life cycle, less energy consumption and less CO2 emissions.

The lithium-ion battery has a usable capacity of 38.2 kWh providing a pure electric range of up to 62 miles. Logically however the Land Rover announced a 50 mile range in EV mode which isn’t the end of the world for this gargantuan SUV. With rapid charging proficiency, a 0-80% recharge will take under an hour from an adequate charging point, while recharging the Range Rover’s battery from flat will take around five hours if you use a home wallbox.

Range Rover presents a multitude of options to choose with more on the way. The luxury SUV is available in SE, HSE and Autobiography models. A First Edition will also be available throughout the first year of production, based on the range-topping Autobiography. Later in 2022, a more exclusive SV version will launch that offers bespoke tailoring. Introduction of this premium iteration will mean that patrons can individualize their cars to have personal flair.The seating arrangement consists of a contemporary new platform allowing an unprecedented seven seats in total. The exterior is an advancement of the previous Range Rovers, coalesced with the new retractable door handles as seen previously from the Evoque and Velar Rover models.  

The car’s exterior design ,an evolution from the previous Range Rovers, comprising retractable handles and a new wraparound tail light giving the car an eccentric look. In addition to the bar light, the rear now features a full-width black panel that is home to both the indicator and refreshing vertical tail-lights. As well as becoming opaque when the car’s engine is disengaged. However this style succeeds at staying true to the iconic boxy dimensions of its predecessors. Boot space stands at 725 litres. The anterior end of the car has been revitalised with piercing digital LED headlights and the sensors for the car’s driver assistance systems incorporated in the panel lower down on the bumper. There are power assisted doors, first ever featured, to accommodate entry and exit from the vehicle. An added acet is the progressive hazard detection meaning the doors can automatically pause if the doors opening pathway is obstructed and proceed if the doors sweep is cleared. 

On the interior a 13.1 inch infotainment screen, the main focal point of the car. The screen’s design is suspended on a mount making it seem as if afloat. It utilises Ranges latest Pivi Pro software offering a simplified user experience, provides instant response to input, and essential requirements like fewer steps to access and activate commonly used functions. Furthermore the screen includes Alexa virtual assistant integration and wireless Apple CarPlay and wireless Android Auto. This clever piece of ergonomic design allows the car to still look sleek whilst maintaining functionality with 90% of tasks accessible only two steps from the home screen. Behind the wheel is a 13.7-inch driver’s display, while clients also have the option for Rear Seat Entertainment package. This adds a pair 11.4-inch high-definition touch screens fastened to the rear of the front seat.

Like all Range Rovers its strongest suit is its comfort. Tech such as a new air suspension system which employs navigation data to regulate said suspension for the road ahead. It works in tandem with the 48-volt electric roll control system with electric anti-roll bars to maintain stability when cornering and if any road irregularities appear. A 1,600W Meridian Signature Sound System aids the new Range Rover in providing one of the quietest vehicle interiors on the road. Providing a sense of privacy and ease whilst driving. An active noise cancellation system monitors wheel vibrations, tyre noise and engine sounds transmitted into the cabin and generates a cancelling signal, which is played through the system on 35 speakers. This includes a pair of speakers in the headrests for each of the four main passengers. Helping to reduce driver distraction and help prevent driver fatigue adding to the luxurious nature of the vehicle.

Nick Rogers, executive director, product engineering, at Jaguar Land Rover, said: “The New Range Rover combines supreme on-road and all-terrain capability with electrified propulsion and new levels of connected capability. In the quest for comfort, we have been obsessed with human science and understanding brain activity to minimise cognitive impact and ensure these advanced technologies work in absolute harmony, creating a truly effortless driving experience. It’s an engineer’s duty to make people’s lives better, and that’s exactly what the New Range Rover will do for you.”

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